Sunday, November 25, 2007

Boston Colleges - Nov. 18-24

Art Institute

Shawn Dow, a photography major at the Art Institute fell off a four-story building's roof during a party in Allston. Earlier in that night, three uninvited men had shown up; one of them starting an argument with a party goer that led to a brawl in the stairwell involving about 20 males. Police say that Dow was not involved, but friends and classmates that attended the party say that Dow was bleeding and unconscious due to fighting in the brawl. Dorthy Gleen, Dow's mother also disputes the claims saying "I don't see how he could just fall off the roof."

Boston University

Professors Lawrence DeLamarter and Dave Schaefer allowed students to drink chocolate malt beer during an Advertising Copy and Design class; one said that tablespoon-sized portions were passed around. The class had been assigned a project to promote a fake beer to Boston-area college students. Interim dean Tobe Berkovitz is investigating the matter and has not decided on a course of action. Drinking alcholic beverages in public places is prohibited by BU.

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