Sunday, December 02, 2007

Boston Colleges - Nov. 25-Dec. 1


The H Bomb has come back to Harvard. The group that produces the campus sex magazine has regained its recognition as an official student group. The new issue will print 10,000 copies by February 14; its first issue after two years. The magazine is known for including nude photographs of undergraduates.

John Edwards was found dead on the fourth floor Harvard Medical School's New Research Building in Longwood. A "jar of possibly toxic chemicals was found near the body" and his head was wrapped in a plastic bag. Edwards was a sophomore at Harvard and a graduate from Wellesley High School who was doing research on stem cells at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and also a guitar player.

Boston University

Last August, The National Institutes of Health did a safety review of a proposed Boston University's building which will house a Biosafety Level 4 facility allowing to work with deadly diseases such as Ebola, plague, and Marburg virus. The review found that the facility posed no danger to the South End neighborhood around the BU Medical Campus. On Friday, an independent review by the National Research Council found that the review was "not sound and credible" and that it did not emphasize the consequences in the event that the diseases escape the facility. The facility on Albany Street is 70% complete after nearly four years of construction on the $200 million project. In 2006, a Suffolk superior court judge ordered the school to conduct further safety reviews. The spokeswoman for the BU Medical Campus say that the construction of the lab will go on and that concerns by the NRC mean "that another report is necessary". BU released the following two-sentence statement
We recognize that the National Research Council report states a number of concerns regarding the NIH methodology and analysis and are confident that the NIH will address those issues in its final report. The South End site is as safe as or safer than alternative locations.

An 18-year old student Northeastern was found laying on the tracks of the Northeastern T station apparently intoxicated; his t-shirt was pulled over his head and he had vomited on himself. When police officers attempted to move him he flailed his legs and spat at them.

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