Sunday, November 18, 2007

Boston Colleges - Nov. 11-17

Boston University

Property managers in Brookline want to insert fines into leases of students that "keep a disorderly house or have noise complaints." The property managers would be taking matters into their own hands after Brookline Police Department announced that they would be cutting back late-night patrols.


Lindsey E. Scherf, a Harvard cross country and track star, was suspended from track and field competition worldwide by the United States Anti-Doping Administration (USADA); she will be ineligible to compete until Sept. 21, 2008. Schref was suspended for refusing to take a drug test after placing second in the Gold Coast Marathon in Brisbane, Australia. Scherf's reason for refusing was due to her uncertainty about "the requirement for a therapeutic use exemption in order to use her asthma medication."


Jodie Neally, the former director of student activities, was fired due to allegations of embezzling $300,000 from accounts under her control at Tufts. Neally has admitted some responsibility for the misappropriations.


Dr. Peter Rice was charged for soliciting sex from an undercover Worcester police officer for $40. Rice is a physician at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and claims that he was "gathering information" for research on gonorrhea when arrested.

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