Saturday, August 29, 2009

Funny Google Street View Images 6

A collection of the funny Google Street View images taken from a variety of websites. More funny Google Street View images: 

Old man and twin go for walk

Old Skeletor rides Hoveround

Guy without pants

Trailer truck crash in Provo, Utah

Man pisses in La Playa

Weird giant chicken in Pittsburgh

Mad scientists

Cops arrests kids

Donkey eats garbage

Guy with parrot

Google Street View joins Renaissance Fair parade

Prisoner escaping

Redneck hillbilly vacation: Nap and beer in truck bed

Redneck man chases bear

Prince charming causes traffic jam

Weird white man on Rue Polonceau

Aliens land in Royse City Texas

Kid hides from Google Street View

Russian sells AK-47 on Google Street View

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