Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Funny Google Street View Images 5

A collection of the funny Google Street View images taken from a variety of websites. More funny Google Street View images: 

Two girls shower in Hawaii

Guy on old timey bike with his pet penguin

Weird Halloween party for Google Street View with werewolf, cowboys, and guys from Scream

Black girl hitchhiking 

Homeless superhero

For hot babes, call 696-9696

Italian guys in hazmat suits

Internet sucks, showing at adult book store

Israeli guy in underwear

Israeli ostrich robs car for snacks

Jockey fights with horse in street

Two kids rob man

Two guys eat lunch in fountain

Couple has sex in street

Embarrassed guy wakes up in car trunk

Bridge jumping caught by Google Street View

Naked Asian man gets caught by police

Group of police check out car wreck

House get toilet papered

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