Sunday, December 09, 2007

Boston Colleges - Dec. 2-Dec. 8

Boston University

Brian McGuirk, Bryan Ewing, Dan McGoff and Brandon Yip were suspended from the BU men's hockey team for violating the team's rules, but no comment was made about the nature of the suspensions.

Boston College

Boston College announced a 10-year $1.6 billion expanison. The expansion will include adding 100 new faculty members, building four new academic buildings, a recreation complex, more than 600 new beds of undergraduate students, a fine arts district, and new athletic fields, facilities, and more than a dozen new centers and institutes. Among these new institutes and centers is the Institute for Liberal Arts, an Institute on Aging in the 21st Century, and a Center for Catholic Education. Additionally, a new School of Theology and Ministry will bring the Weston Jesuit School of Theology to the school's Boston campus.


Thirteen alums from the Class of 1967 wrote an open letter to President Drew Faust accusing Harvard students of "widespread apathy and political indifference" and chides the students on the "apparently docile political behavior of the undergraduate student body". No comment has been made about the letter by Faust.

"The Great Debaters", a new movie starring Denzel Washington will debut at Carpenter Center at Harvard. The event will be co-sponsored by the school's black student groups including the Association of Black Harvard Women, the Black Men’s Forum, and the Black Students Association.


Amy Finkelstein was the lone female at MIT to be granted tenure this year in the economics department. In the previous, ten years the number of junior women faculty granted tenure has ranged from zero to eight per year, while the range for men is 10 to 24 per year. Both MIT President Susan Hockfield and Barbara Liskov have promised to investigate the issue surrounding the disparity. MIT has had previous issues in dealing with issues dealing with tenure. Almost a year ago, James Sherley, a African-American biomedical engineering professor (1 of only 23) at MIT was denied tenure and conducted a hunger strike.

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