Sunday, October 21, 2007

Boston Colleges - Oct 14-20

Boston College

Students were reminded not to burn down there dorms. During Fire Safety week BC has fire related events including a room inspection challenge, mock room burn, and "fireperson olympics". A new event this year is the fire extinguisher challenge; a relay race to demonstrate how to use a fire extinguisher.


A smoldering mattress was found on the roof deck of the Kappa Sigma house.

Boston University

A 20 year-old BU student sexually abused a 13-year old girl he met on Facebook. Bogush was charged with second-degree sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a minor, both misdemeanors.

BU announced that it will invest $1.8 billion to fulfill a strategic plan over the next 10 years to improve the campus’s academic and residential facilities, and recruiting an additional 150 new faculty.


Residents of the Pennypacker Hall dormitory received "medicated cream and instructions on the eradication of the skin-borne (read: sex-related) infections." after an outbreak of scabies, "a parasitic disease involving skin-burrowing mites usually confined to livestock, 19-C covered wagons, and Oregon Trail."

MBTA police will start conducting random bag searches at the Harvard Square T station. Individuals will be selected by using a "random mathematical permutation".


A female student leaving a party near Fenway was thrown down the stairs after telling a group of seven other girls to stop shouting anti-Yankee slogans.


Tufts will beginning promoting a program next month in which the university will pay off loan debt if a student takes a job a public school teacher or social worker, or work for any nonprofit. Undergraduate students at Tufts leave with an average of $14,400 of debt.


Fifteen percent of freshman enrolled in America's top schools are white teens that don't meet the minimum standards for the schools they attend. The schools don't want to anger alumni, donors, faculty members, administrators, and politicians. The end result is that the wealthiest fourth of society is 25 times more likely to get into selective schools than the bottom fourth.

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