Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fortune Teller Predictions for the Year of the Pig

Today is the start of the Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) with this being the Year of the Pig according to Chinese Zodiac.

Fortune tellers are giving their rather bleak predictions about the new year with expectations of epidemics, disasters, and violence.

Hong Kong feng shui master Raymond Lo expects 2007 to be a troubled year because Pig years are dominated by conflicting elements: fire and water.
Fire sitting on water is a symbol of conflict and skirmish. We'll also see more fire disasters and bombings.
The Russian AK-47 rifle, a weapon of choice among insurgents, was invented during a pig year, therefore we will see more gun battles, murder with guns and bombing attacks in 2007. Lillian Too, a Malaysian feng shui master expects the possibility of epidemics especially the bird flu. Peter So, a Chinese fortune teller, stated
Because of the water element in the Year of the Pig, the economy will continue to grow, which also paves the way for another round of interest rate hikes
Alion Yeo, a Hong Kong soothsayer, predicts changes in North Korean leadership around May, and John Lok, a Singaporean fortune teller, expects a bad situation in Iraq and that President Bush will have a bad year.

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