Friday, February 24, 2006


Cupidity is an art exhibit by 34 regional artists and writers. The art is inspired by personal ads of individuals attempting to reconnect with passing strangers. The second component of the exhibit is a second ad composed from the perspective of an encouter with a stranger near the artwork. The art exhibit runs from Febuary 9 through March 4. Cupidity includes the following sets of artists/writers:

Albert Schweitzer / Katherine Thompson
Alexandra Silverthorne / Heidi Mordhorst
Anna U Davis / Susan Leonardi
Dana Ellyn Kaufman / Charlie Barnett
David Wallace / Mary Kay Zuravleff
Ed Bisese / Levi Asher
Elaine Langerman / Caryn Thurman
Glenn Friedel / Patrick Holway
Greg Ferrand / R R Angell
Helga Thomson / Rebecca Pope
Jean Beebe / Dennis Greza
Kim Bentley / Katie McCaskey
Kirk Waldroff / Dorian Hamilton
Matt Sesow / Doreen Peri
Mike Janis / Claudia Rousseau
Scott Brooks / Frank Warren
Warren Craghead / Roger Noyes

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