Saturday, November 19, 2011

Which Day Has Better Sales: Black Friday or After Christmas?

So which day has better sales: Black Friday or the day after Christmas? Here is a comparison using Fry's Electronics ad scans for the two sales events from 2010; the ad scans are from Fry's Black Friday. There wasn't a lot of overlap in the items in the ads, but the simple conclusion, at least just from looking at these ads, is that Black Friday has the better prices.

Item Black Friday After Christmas
LG 20" LCD Monitor $89.99 $129.99
Lenovo Computer $299.98* $279
Blue Ray Boxsets $19.99 $24.99
"Major Brand" 32" Plasma HDTV $197 $299
Samsung Washer and Dryer Pair $579.98 $949.99
Sony W370 Digital Camera $129 $149
JVC Everio 16GB Camcorder $199 $199

* Computer bundled with a Viewsonic monitor

Fry's Electronics 2010 After Christmas Sale Ad Scan
Fry's Electronics 2010 Black Friday Ad Scan

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