Saturday, February 09, 2008

Boston Colleges - Jan. 3-Jan. 9


Diamond by Matthew Di Pasquale may soon become Harvard's second sex magazine. Di Pasquale plans to join H Bomb in showcasing nude photographs of Harvard co-eds.


Auntuan Johnson, a Tufts student, allegedly assaulted a Pat's Towing employee for attempting to put a boot on his car. Johnson is accused of arguing with the employee and pushing him over. And then throwing the boot into the street, getting into his car, and trying to run the employee over. Afterwards, he tried to disguise his vehicle by removing a Texas Longhorn's sticker and changing his plates.


Anna Tang has requested that her probation requirements be changed so that she can attend church and use the gym in her apartment building. Anna Tang would like to attend a Natick church from 11AM-1PM on Saturdays, while being escorted by her father. Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Kontz has agreed does not see an issue with Tang using her gym, and Tang can attend church once her probation officer confirms church information.

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