Saturday, February 02, 2008

Boston Colleges - Jan. 20-Jan. 26

Boston University

Daniel Glaser and Aaron Goodliss were able to enter Claflin Hall at Boston University at 4 AM after convincing two female students to sign them in. The men then allegedly assualted two female students after entering an unlocked room. Glaser was charged with indecent assault and battery, breaking and entering, and burglary. Goodliss was charged with breaking and entering, and possession of marijuana. The students who allowed the attackers access to building will face "judicial actions."


One of the 19 MIT students sued by the RIAA on January 10 will not settle out of court. All previous MIT students sued by the RIAA have settled out of court. The student is quoted as saying that he is "the victim of a fishing expedition by the RIAA," and is "disappointed that MIT isn't going to step up."

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