Sunday, November 11, 2007

Boston Colleges - Nov 4-10


Wolfe Styke, the stabbing victim from MIT and ex-boyfriend of Anna Tang was released from a Boston hospital after being treated for stab wounds one of which was in his back. Anna Tang has pleaded not guilty to the charges.


Chuck Turner, a city councilor who represents the district in which Northeastern is located, has harsh words to describe the growth of Northeastern.
Northeastern is a predator. There's a history of Northeastern disrespecting the neighborhoods around it, and its abuse of the community has become more flagrant in past years. It is a typical example of an institution that has a lot of lip service, but focuses on what it's doing and what it wants regardless of the community ... How does [Northeastern] explain taking housing from mothers and children?
The councilor is was a former employee and professor at Northeastern who is known for being an advocate of workers' rights, low-income families, prisoners, women and people of color.


The Undergraduate Council at Harvard will continue to the end of the semester though the money cannot be used to reimburse the alcohol purchases. Next semester the council will have to reevaluate the system. The finance committee will meet to discuss appropriate reimbursements the system can cover.

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