Saturday, October 06, 2007

Boston Colleges - October 1-6


The National Board of Medical Examiners appeals the appeal allowing Sophie Currier extra time on the medical exam, so she can pump breast milk.

The college ends the Party Grant Program that paid students holding events $1750 per week. Interim Dean of the College David Pilbeam wrote in a letter to the Undergraduate Council (UC) that the UC "has not assumed responsibility...for verifying that underage students will not be reimbursed for purchasing alcohol," and "it is quite apparent that the UC Party Grant program, in practice, has funded parties where the focus is on drinking."


Chancellor Philip Clay sends a warning to students that pranks will not be tolerated, which break the law or put someone in danger.

Boston University

A woman was raped in a bathroom in Warren Towers on the Boston University campus Sunday morning.

Boston College

A lab at Boston College explodes sending a graduate student to the hospital. Higgins Hall was evacuated for fear of a chemical leak.


Tufts fraternity ATO has gone overboard according to Alderman Bruce Desmond. The fraternity has been drinking on fire escapes, urinating in public, and vomiting on people's doorsteps. The cost for dealing with rowdy students to law enforcement is $45K+ per year.

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