Saturday, December 16, 2006

Americans by the Numbers

Based on the 2007 Statistical Abstract of the US

  • Are the fattest people on the planet.
  • Drunk 23 gallons of water per person in 2004; 10 times as much as in 1980. They now drink more water than beer.
  • Consumed 2 times as much high fructose syrup than in 1980.
  • Spent 8.5 hours per day watching television, using computers, listening to radio, going to movies, or reading. They spend 64 days watching television, 41 days listening to the radio, and a week on the Internet.
  • Are taller. Only 10% of people in their 20s are shorter than 5-foot-6.
  • Are injured by by bicycles more than any other consumer product; beds come in second.
  • Are splitting up at the rate of 3.7 divorces per 1,000 people. People in Nevada divorce at a rate of 6.4 divorces per 1,000 people. The number of both marriages and divorces has been declining except in Conneticut.
  • Produce more solid waste: 4.4 pounds per day up 0.7 pounds since 1980.
  • Tend to pay off their credit cards: 56% "almost always" paying off the balance, while 24% "hardly ever" paid off their balance.
  • Men had 6% same-sex sexual contacts while women had 11.2%
  • Men earned 42,000 professional degrees and 41,000 women earned professional degrees compared to 2,000 in 1970.
  • Men have 5.4 sexual partners and women 3.3 partners by the age of 44.
  • Newborns have increased life expectancy by 2 months.
  • Wiccans have skyrocketed in numbers up to 350,000 from being unregistered in 1990.
  • Had an median household income of $65,000, and 75% of college freshman said their primary objective was to be financially very well off. Nearly half of freshman had earned an average grade of A in high school.

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