Saturday, April 01, 2006


iPod, the popular MP3 player, has a myriad of third-party accessories, including the iGoatse which started being publicized last week. iGoatse is an allusion to the infamous Goatse image. An image pool has been created on Flickr capturing the first impression of people looking at Goatse for the first time. One of the images shows pornstar, Ron Jeremy's first time. Ron Jeremy was enlisted by PETA to pose for ad supporting the spaying and neutering of pets. PETA has also funded another ad campaign entitled "Milk Gone Wild", a parody of the Girls Gone Wild franchise, which shows girls dancing in bars raising their shirts to display cow udders. Girls Gone Wild, typically shows young women removing clothing or engaged in sexual acts during spring break. Recently, the American Medical Association (AMA) did a survey of college women and graduates, aged 17-35, in which 74% of respondents said spring break trips resulted in increased sexual activity and nearly 3 out 5 women had uprotected sex during spring break. After a night of partying, a girl believing she was pregnant, peed on an iPod nano thinking it was a pregnancy test. After that she sent it in for repairs only to be told "the warranty does not cover pee-related damage". Or the story could be a fake, and they might just be ripping off some white kids.

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