Sunday, March 19, 2006 and Foxylicious

Tagging has arisen as a way for users to organize data in way that makes sense to them. Tags are keywords that represent categories, and objects with identical tags are linked and can be searched.

Social bookmarking websites allow users to share hyperlinks with other users; is the most popular of these sites because of its simplicity and ease of use. Other social bookmarking sites have been created that offer expanded or niche services such as the tech-oriented, which lets others users vote and make comments on submissions.

A user's links can be integrated into the Firefox browser using the Foxylicious extension allowing bookmarks to be updated daily on the user's computer. Foxylicious can also create subcategories from tags when bookmarks are tagged with identical prefixes separated by a user-specified character called a delimiter (i.e. college.classes and where "." is the delimiting character).

Recently, has introduced an experimental function called tag bundles can also be used to group tags. Tag bundles are created from a user's profile Starting with version 0.6 Foxylicious has added support for tag bundles. One potential limitation of tag bundles is that they only offer one level of hierarchy.

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