Saturday, March 25, 2006

One-Letter Domain Names According To Firefox/Google

In 2005, ICANN announced it might allow the registration of single-letter domain names. If you type "s" in Firefox's address bar, Firefox does an "I'm Feeling Lucky" Google search going to the first hit. Some letters A, H, J, have relevance to the sites they lead to, while others such as the letter "L" leave you wondering why its the first result on Google, of course Google results are constantly changing.

A: Apple
B: Physical Review B Hompage
C: C-Span
D: D-Link
E: E! Online
F: F-Secure
G: GMail
H: [H]ardOCP
I: iTools
J: J Records
K: K Desktop Environment
L: International Herald Tribune
M: Texas A&M University
N: The N
O: O'Reilly Media
R: R Project
S: Mc Donald's
U: The University of Arizona, Tuscon Arizon
V: V Communications
W: White House
Y: Yahoo! Messenger
Z: A to Z Teacher Stuff

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