Sunday, February 05, 2006

Knee Replacement Surgery Is Painful

From the Wonkette:
On Wednesday, my physical therapy session in Silver Spring found Jack Abramoff on the table next to mine. Somehow I restrained myself from assaulting him -- I remembered the possibilty of his testimony.

My self-restraint was difficult. While I felt that it would be inappropriate for me to interfere with his health care, I cannot but think of the millions denied access to health care by the actions of the system that he financed; while I felt it wrong for me to violate his privacy, I thought of the privacy of us all violated by this administration that he did so much to bring to power; while I believe that he ought not be denied his rights, his accomplices have violated and eroded the rights of millions: he enjoys all the benefits of the civil society against which he conspired. And these people have the gall to suggest that Liberals hate America.

Jack was there because of his knee replacement operations. A painful procedure. He commented that they were hurting. Good.

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