Wednesday, February 01, 2006


The Fraser Gallery, one of Bethesda's 11 art galleries, has an exhibition, which is a mix of contemporary art and technology.

Philip Kohn's ~$3000 piece, the Looking Glass, uses a tablet pc, a video camera, and custom software to produce small video clips that are played and overlayed with other video segments.

Blame by Thomas Edwards is white hand with a small sensor attached to which stops when a person passes in front of it and blames him/her for various problem in society: "I blame you for corporate scandals", "I blame you for suburban sprawl,", etc.

A strange device reminiscent of an engine hoist entitled Hopscotch by David Page uses two persons placed in restrictive suits: one is attached to from a hook on the arm and another one is strapped to a rolling buggy. The suspended person is lifted out of the way of the buggy-riding person at the last moment and then the process is reversed.

Claire Watkins's Flock of Needles uses rotating magnets to move and sway needles that have been threaded into her piece which is a collection of small paintings of sea anemone-like creatures.

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